About us

    The dream began with the idea of developing the flat bread we have known over the ages and transforming its manufacture from the traditional and manual way to a machinery process in less than three years.

    Having consulted it with nutritionists and food processing engineers, we conducted experiences until we reached the manufacture of flat bread technologically without even being touched by hands.

We were the first to do so, and our project saw the light in 2011.

Machine Specifications:
  • It makes the flat bread from the whole- wheat bread without using white flour while using a very high technology.
  • It works on electric power away from petroleum derivatives.
  • This bread is characterized by equal thickness.
  • Crust-less bread.
  • Speed in production since each bag of flour takes 50 kilos and a time varying from 6 to 7 hours id made manually; however, the whole process may take half an hour if it is machine-processed.
    Sajouna is an Authentic Lebanese Saj Bread with the ultimate ingredient, that will make you feel at home. you find yourself doing what your father or grandfather have spent their lives doing.
We pride ourselves on exceeding your highest expectations by delivering only the finest quality bakery products.
Our broad background accompanied by decades of combined experience in the bakery only makes us serve with the highest standards of excellence.
At Sajouna you can expect to receive outstanding customer service and reliability. We are committed to excellence and promise to promptly respond to your needs.

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